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What makes Biion tick?

A very light shoe with an EVA upper that hugs your foot yet remains flexible, giving you both assurance and very little resistance. It's like walking barefoot. The dual density mid-sole is remarkably shock absorbent and gets you through your day with amazing comfort. We've worked with orthopaedic therapists focusing on fit, pressure points and support to design an inner foot-bed that complements all of the above.


HEXTRA-GRIP traction outsole provides an extremely low profile performance, offering the ultimate connection to the ground with amazing balance.

Light Weight

Reduce leg fatigue for greater performance on the long haul. The light weight, flexible EVA material keeps you light on your feet, and comfortable before, during, and after your outing.

Form Fitting

Biion's HEXCELL nano molecular EVA technology forms to your foot giving you a performing shoe with a precision fit.


Maintain comfort throughout your day. Biion begins by keeping your foot cool with strategically placed ventilation holes throughout the shoe.

Foot Therapy

Look inside. The massage nodes within every Biion shoe give your feet a therapeutic sensation with every step.

Shock Absorbing

Dual density, energy-return midsole. The Biion shoe works with you, allowing for the natural movement of your feet through every step.

More Grip, Less Slip

Biion’s HEXTRA-GRIP tread provides outstanding traction, strength and stability in every activity.


Biion shoes are resistant to mildew, bacteria and are anti-microbial, keeping you and your family healthy.